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The BESIX Group ends 2010 with best positive results ever.

BESIX received two awards for the Burj Khalifa tower: the first award being 2010 Best Tall Building Middle East & Africa Region. The second is 2010 Best Tall Building Overall.

BESIX Group and Parkeerbeheer join their know-how to become a reference in the parking sector.

More than 1.200 visitors have discovered the Chancellerie project.

In 2009, BESIX has evolved cautiously, in what was already an intricate economical context. Although 2010 has started slowly, from March on, BESIX has landed several substantial projects in the Golf region.

BESIX is a quality concept in the world of construction.

Founded in 1909, the company has known a regular and impressive growth to become the renowned international it is today.

BESIX covers practically all the fields in construction.